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Pork baby back ribs

Pork baby back ribs

$10.49 /lb.
Avg. 1.25 lb.

1-1.25 lb racks that are a favorite for barbecue

Want to know the secret no one wants to tell you of making competition-worthy, tender and flavorful Baby Back Ribs?

Start with meat that's already packed with flavor. Start with these baby back pork ribs. These are cut from the upper ribcage (near the backbone) of pigs raised on the pastures of our farm.

When you start with pasture-raised pork, the flavor isn't entirely dependent on your choice of rubs or sauces. The complex flavor of the meat (thanks to the diverse plants our pigs eat while foraging in the pasture) combines with the rub or sauce and elevates the entire eating experience.

Leaner than spare ribs, baby backs are a favorite for the barbecue grill. You can also bake them or smoke them. Slather them with barbecue sauce. Keep it simple with a dry rub. Or start with a rub and finish with a sauce. No matter how you like them, a low-and-slow cooking method will result in fall-off-the-bone ribs that almost melt in your mouth.

1-1.25 lb racks. Non-GMO. Chemical and Antibiotic Free, Pastured Pork.

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