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Beef Rib steak

Beef Rib steak

2 steaks per package
$22.49 /lb.
Avg. 1.85 lb.

Enjoy a good rib-eye steak? Prefer steaks with a bone? The Rib Steak is the cut for you.

A juicy and tasty steak when cooked, this grass-fed and finished beef steak is a bone-in cut from the rib area of the cow.

Grill it. Broil it. The choice is yours. No matter how the steak is cooked, you'll enjoy the added nutritional benefits of cattle raised on the pasture.

Cows are designed to eat plants. And when they remain on the pasture and eat grasses their entire lives, they are a healthier animal. And healthier animals produce more nutritious food.

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