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Best of the farm bundle

Best of the farm bundle

Our most popular items with our favorite recipes and free delivery!
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Are you new to Sparrow Hill Farm or just not sure what to get? We put together this bundle of our most popular items. They are also some of our easiest to cook up even if you are not very familiar with cooking at home. Included in this bundle are 3 kinds of brats, pork loin chops, 2 packs of our natural bacon, ground beef, 1 packs pork breakfast sausage, one pack ground lamb, one pack rib chops, natural smoked pork shank, our most popular roast, the pork picnic shoulder. This come out to round 16-17 lbs and qualifies for free home delivery to our coverage area. We also include our favorite recipes for each product in the bundle. We built this bundle so you can't go wrong. What is in the picture may vary slightly from what is listed as our availability of some of the products changes. What is listed in the description is what is currently available and will be in your package.

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