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King Salmon

King Salmon

6 oz portion

King salmon, AKA Chinook salmon is very meaty with the highest omega-3 content of any of the salmon species. A whopping 1700 mg/3.5 oz portion. One of the most nutrient dense foods you can buy. And the most sought after of the salmon varieties. 

This King Salmon is wild harvested in Alaska, vacuum packed and frozen once on the shore. The fish then is shipped by freighter to Seattle where a Wisconsin-based trucking company brings the fish safely here to the Midwest. This ensures it will taste as fresh as the day it was caught.

There’s almost no wrong way to cook this delicious wild fish. Native to the North Pacific Ocean, it has more nutrition, more flavor and a firmer, less oily consistency than farm-raised Atlantic salmon. It’s fabulous grilled (try it on a cedar plank). Sear it in a cast-iron pan. Or broil it in a hot oven. Whatever your method of choice, we recommend cooking it with the skin on.