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Lamb Neck Roast

Lamb Neck Roast

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Lamb Neck Roast is an underrated yet fantastic cut of grass-fed lamb

When braised or roasted, the lamb neck roast transforms into a delicacy that's tender and falls apart with a fork.

Because of the stronger flavor of lamb, the neck roast also stands up well to bold flavors. Give it a try in a curry or heavily spiced dish.

To use in stews or curries, simply cut the lamb neck into chunks once it's tender. The cut-up chunks also work great on a kebab.

With a great balance of lean meat and fat, grass-fed lamb provides nutritional value you'll love as well. Unlike the grain fed to confined animals, the grass the lambs at Sparrow Hill Farm eat are good sources of beneficial omega-3 fats and nutrients such as vitamin A and E. These nutrients are converted into the more nutritious meat you get to enjoy and serve your family.

If you've never cooked with this cut before, give this Braised Lamb Neck Recipe a try.