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Pork Lard, large

Pork Lard, large

4 lb tub
$5.99 /lb.
Avg. 4 lb.

Pastured Pork Lard is an excellent alternative to canola or vegetable oil

Creamy white, rendered pork fat. With a neutral flavor profile, you can use this lard for almost anything from frying potatoes to sautéing veggies, from deep frying doughnuts to baking flaky pie crust. 

A whole food, it's better for you than the heavily processed factory oils you find at most grocery stores. And, because you're buying it locally, it has a lower carbon footprint than the pricier coconut or avocado oils on most store shelves.

100% animal fat the pigs raised on our farm. And because our pigs are raised on the pasture with plenty of sunshine and fresh air, the lard is high in vitamin D. Pastured Pork Fat (Lard) is the second highest natural source of vitamin D next to cod liver oil. Making lard a small part of your daily diet is a natural way to get all the benefits of this essential vitamin.

Pork lard also contains other beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, iron and phosphorous. And a high content of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

Handy, large 4 lb tub. Keeps in the refrigerator after opening for weeks for easy use in the kitchen. Need a smaller tub? Our small tub of pork lard may be for you.

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