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Lamb Half Leg

Lamb Half Leg

$19.95 /lb.
Avg. 3.1 lb.

Looking to impress dinner guests? Or simply treat yourself to a gourmet meal? 

Prepare this succulent and juicy leg of lamb roast for a dinner that will leave you and everyone else satisfied and content.

The Lamb Half Leg averages about 3 lbs and is perfect for a meal for up to four people. Need to feed a larger crowd?  Upgrade to our Whole Leg of Lamb.

Fine grained, the leg of lamb is easy to cook. With a little seasoning and a few hours in the oven, you'll have a tender and flavorful cut of meat that is sure to delight your taste buds. It pairs wonderfully with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables (such as carrots, parsnips and Brussel sprouts). 

You can also make a flavorful sauce or gravy to serve with the lamb by deglazing the roasting pan with some red wine. Add some butter, fresh herbs and enjoy.

Our 100% grass-fed lamb is raised with care on pastures, and never subjected to hormones, antibiotics or grain-based diets. This ensures you get a pure, natural flavor and a more nutritious cut of meat. Plus, you can feel good knowing the lamb was raised using ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Order a Half Leg of Lamb today. You may just enjoy a meal you'll never forget.

Need a recipe? Give this Roasted Leg of Lamb recipe a try. You won't be disappointed.