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Ground Turkey

Ground Turkey

1 lb pkg

A great basic ingredient to keep stocked in the freezer

Quick cooking. Versatile. And a great basic ingredient to always have on hand.

Pasture-raised ground turkey can be used in almost any dish that requires ground meat. It's a perfect way to add variety to your favorite fast lunches or easy weeknight dinner recipes. Use it to make burgers, meatballs, meatloaf or chili. Or give it a try in lettuce wraps, stuffed peppers or sloppy joes (to name a few).

When you cook with pasture-raised turkey instead of turkey raised in an industrial farm setting, you're also making a healthier choice for your family. Using turkey in your recipes provides you with a high protein meal and essential amino acids.

It's also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, the choline present in pasture-raised turkey meat helps maintain heart health and contributes to cognition and memory.

And, most importantly, pasture-raised turkey meat tastes better. Give it a try and you'll taste the difference a living in the direct sunshine, with fresh air and access to all the foods nature provides on the pasture creates. All without the need for antibiotics, chemicals or other injections.

Not sure yet? Consider this. Like pasture-raised animals, our health also benefits from the nutrients found in the variety of foods nature provides (including meats).

1 lb package. Contains a blend of white and dark meat.