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Pork Picnic Shoulder roast

Pork Picnic Shoulder roast

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A flavorful, marbled bone-in roast that does well in a slow cooker or smoker.

The meat found in the shoulder of pasture-raised pigs get a lot of work. All that roaming and foraging around the pasture gives the shoulder a lot of flavor (a whole lot more than you’ll get from pigs raised in a pen). And, it also gives the cut a lot of texture.

For optimal tenderness, this cut is best cooked long and slow. It absorbs flavor easily, which makes it a perfect candidate to marinade overnight before cooking too. You’ll find it’s a great cut for making pulled pork, a crockpot pork roast, or a smoked pork shoulder (but be careful, it may taste so good it doesn’t last long enough to make it to a bun or the plate).

The picnic shoulder roast comes from a lower part of the shoulder than our boneless shoulder roast. The two cuts can be used interchangeably in recipes.

Because this cut has the bone in, it takes longer to cook. Some people feel cooking with the bone adds more flavor. We’ll let you decide. Either way, you’ll be getting a quality roast that’s full of the nutrition that comes from meat raised in the pasture, been humanely raised using regenerative farming practices, and ethically processed.