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Pork chops, Sirloin

Pork chops, Sirloin

2 / pkg
$11.49 /lb.
Avg. 1.75 lb.

Wonderfully flavored, these are the sirloin steak of pork chops

The sirloin steak of pork.

This chop is cut from the hip area of the pig, toward the back of the loin. It has more bone than other chops. And the cut offers wonderful flavor from the various muscles found in the chop.

Sirloin chops are exceptional when braised. And, like our loin and rib chops, they work well on the grill. Because the chops contain different kinds of pork and the bone is irregular in shape, slower methods of grilling work best.

An easy way to keep them tender is to soak them in your favorite marinade for several hours before throwing them on the grill. And once seared, move them to a low heat section of your grill for a longer cooking time.

As the grill master of your home or cook for your family, when you serve pasture-raised pork, you can rest assured you'll always serve up a tasty dinner. All the goodness the animals find when foraging, naturally season the meat and fat.

Like all the premium pork we offer, these pork chops are antibiotic and chemical free, non-GMO, and raised on the pastures of our family farm.