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Whole pastured turkey

Whole pastured turkey

12-15 lb turkey
$7.95 /lb.
Avg. 12 lb.

A perfect size for feeding up to 8 people.

Need a larger turkey, consider ordering a 15-20 lb turkey

This Thanksgiving, serve a feast of flavor, tradition and nutrition!

Thanksgiving is more than a meal. It's a cherished tradition. And a time to gather with loved ones with a celebration of gratitude. 

And thanks to our relationship with Bryant Family Farms, you can now elevate your Thanksgiving feast to new heights by serving a pasture-raised turkey instead of the factory-raised turkeys found in the supermarket. 

We believe happy, healthy birds produce a more flavorful and sustainable Thanksgiving. These turkeys are raised on pastures where they enjoy nutrient dense forage, fresh air and sunshine. Their diverse diet and freedom to roam open spaces results in meat that's rich, moist and full of character.

Beyond the extraordinary flavor, pasture-raised turkey is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and lean protein. And it's free of the added hormones, saline solutions or antibiotics used by factory farms. So, you can go ahead and indulge in a few extra pieces guilt-free, knowing you're nourishing your body with wholesome goodness. 

When you choose to order a pasture-raised turkey for your Thanksgiving table from Sparrow Hill Farm, you're not just buying a bird. You're investing in a commitment to sustainable, healthier living. 

Feeding a larger crowd or love leftovers? Consider ordering a 15-20 lb turkey for your feast.