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Wild-Harvested Seafood: seafood portion

Seafood fresh frozen on the Alaskan coast and then shipped here to WI

Halibut portion

approx 6 oz. portion
For our seafood we work with Bering bounty of Alaska. We love the benefits and nutrition that eating quality seafood gives to our diet but had some trouble raising salmon and cod in the pastures with our cattle :). We are doing the next best thing and working with Captain Mark from Bering Bounty. Mark runs an outfit that is actually based out of Madison WI. He spends most of the year with his boats in Alaska fishing. They use sustainable and ethical techniques to harvest some of the highest quality fish you will find. The fish is then quick frozen and vacuum packed on the shore and sent by freighter to Seattle. Mark then uses a WI based trucking company to bring it the last leg of the journey here to the Midwest. It is as close as we can get to the experience of buying straight off the coast.