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Pork Chorizo Sausage

Pork Chorizo Sausage

4 per pkg

Add an abundance of flavor to a wide variety of meals with this natural-recipe, spicy, pork sausage.

To provide the most versatility, the chorizo is uncooked and packed in natural casings (having four sausages in each package makes it easy to defrost only the amount you need for the meal).

With its blend of seasoning, chorizo is perfect for and popular in Mexican dishes. But don't stop with Mexican fare. You can also:

  • Slice up cooked sausage and add it to Jambalaya or chili
  • Combine with potatoes for a hearty side dish or hash
  • Mix with pasta and sauce for a quick dinner
  • Add it to potato or white bean soups

Since the casing on this sausage is the same natural, pork casing used for our brats, you can also grill it, broil it or fry it whole. Serve it with a side of potatoes and vegetables for a main meal. Add it to a bun for a Mexican-inspired sausage sandwich. Or cut it up as an alternative to pepperoni on a pizza.

No matter how it's used, you can feel confident you're serving sausage that's made from the highest-quality natural ingredients. We believe in using a variety of the best cuts of meat from our pasture-raised pigs to make our chorizo sausages. And you can taste the difference.

4 sausages per pkg.



Pork, Water, Salt, Spices (including Red Pepper, Paprika, Ground Mustard, Dextrose, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Natural Spice Extractives (Including Paprika, Pepper), Citric Acid, Stuffed in Hog Casing.