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From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence


...a farm using regenerative, science-based practices to build the soil, sequester carbon, protect waterways, purify the air, and provide a healthy, safe environment for the livestock and the humans who care for them.

Welcome to Sparrow Hill Farm where the above is a reality. We are producing nutrition packed, quality food for your table by embracing the complexity and diversity of life from the tiniest of soil microbes to the animals that walk and graze above. We are planning for a sustainable future as well as a beautiful and vibrant now.

Join the movement for a better world, experience the difference on your plate, and find joy in taking a positive step for future generations. 


We believe that food should be raised in a way that builds and protects the environment. We use transparent sustainable farming practices and continually research the latest science in regenerative agriculture to ensure that the environment is not only protected for future generations but that they will have a cleaner and healthier world than we have.


Food sourced locally is better. It has lower transport costs and a far lower negative environmental impact by avoiding the large distribution chains. When you spend your money it goes straight into the local economy. You also directly invest in improving your local environment which means supporting cleaner air and water for your family.


By purchasing directly from a real farmer you get the highest quality product available. We raise and develop our product for you the consumer rather than a large commodity market that only cares about how cheap they can source their products. If for some reason you have a problem you are able to talk directly to your farmer. That is luxury.

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We are more than just another organic farm

We strive to embrace life at every level from the complex microbiome of the soil to the happy animals that walk on it. We raise our animals on fresh air and sunshine, healthy land and lush forages. We manage to sequester carbon back into the soil that was lost to conventional farming. We protect our waterways. We use the latest technology and tools to make all this easily accessible to you, the conscious consumer. 

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We recently grilled some pork chops from Sparrow Hill Farm. They were delicious! We will definitely be trying some other meats.
Adam B - Darlington, WI
I met them at the farmers market on the square, so nice and helpful. I was worried about buying meat that was not ethically sourced, my mind was set at ease.
Jen S - Madison, WI
The finest ham we have ever had for Christmas Dinner. Thank you very much!!!
Peter K - Madison, WI

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