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Pork country style ribs

Pork country style ribs

$10.49 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

While country-style ribs are not technically ribs, they are an incredibly tasty cut of meat for the grill.

Ours are cut from the front of the loin where it turns into the shoulder. More like a small cut of the shoulder than chops or ribs. They turn out the best when cooked low-and-slow. On the grill, try brining them and cooking at approximately 250 - 275° F for 2½ - 3 hours. Or, twice-bake them in the oven and coat to make these tender BBQ Country-Style Ribs.

These come 2 to a package. And, no matter how you decide to prepare them, you can feel good about serving your family or friends nutrient dense pork raised on the open pastures of our family farm.