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We, Josiah and Nettie and our little farmers Edmund, Aaron, and Marco, are the stewards of Sparrow Hill Farm. Sparrow Hill Farm is just outside Monroe WI, and is comprised of a motley collection of different pieces of land leased by us as well as custom partnerships where we manage livestock that is jointly raised by a fellow farmer. Our farming methods are unconventional but our mission is simple, "Embrace Life".

This means we put the soil and the environment first in our farming practices by avoiding industry standard subtherapeutic antibiotics, synthetic worming medicines, and continuous overgrazing of the land. These conventional farming methods kill soil life and structure leading to erosion, destruction of fertility, and the release of excess carbon into the atmosphere.

The land we steward is often degraded or not useful for industrial farming anymore. We are working hard to bring life back into the soil and environment with careful regenerative management of our livestock. We rotationally graze our cattle, sheep, and pigs. When we put the soil health and environment first, it leads to happy, healthy animals and a superior product both in flavor and nutrition on your plate.

We know as a conscious consumer who is tired of the industrial food machine, you may have more questions as well as insight into how we can do better. If you do have any questions about any of the process of how our meat gets to your plate, insight into how we can do it better, or want to come visit for yourself please reach out support@sparrowhillfarm.net. Nettie or I will answer you. The boys would rather just type emojis. 😀

Sparrow Hill Farm