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Organ Meats and Bones

Often overlooked, organ meats (offal) and bones are nutrient dense and can be used to create delicious meals

Looking for a place to buy pasture raised or grass fed organ meats or soup bones online? Shop this selection of hearts, livers and bones from our farm's pasture-raised lamb, beef and pork.

Use the soup bones to make nutrient-rich broths, soups and stews. Add liver to your diet as a superfood. Or give heart a try. It can be served as the main dish or blended with other ground meats for an extra punch of nutrients.

How the animals are raised is important, especially when it comes to the bones and offal. At Sparrow Hill Farm, all the animals are raised on open pastures. The cattle and sheep are 100% grass fed and finished. They forage for grass their entire life. No grain supplements. And our pigs are provided non-GMO grains and then spend the rest of their day foraging in open pastures and woods as well.

When animals are raised on the pasture, they produce better tasting and nutrient dense meats not found in most grocery stores. Order some for home delivery today.