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Why you should pay more for meat

It is common to hear complaints of rising grocery prices. People are concerned. They worry and feel out of control. Out of control of rising prices. Fearful of what is in the food when they do buy it. Terrified that they may lose access all together. There is a reason for this and it did not happen overnight. Consumer's fears are valid. But there is a fix. It is on our hands. We need to take back control.

The True Value of Good Meat: More Than Just Taste

Why is conventional meat so cheap, and what are we sacrificing for its cost? Discover the true value of ethical meat—how it benefits health, taste, and the planet, and the role of family farms in preserving nature's integrity. Dive in to make informed choices.

Sharing the Farm with Wildlife

The pastures where we raise our livestock are not only home to our animals. They are frequented by the local wildlife population. Deer, turkey, foxes, and rabbits are among the many varieties that call our farm home. But it's not just because they live there that they frequent our pastures. Read on to learn how we actually design the way we farm to welcome the existence of a healthy, local, wildlife population.

Our New Space

I've mentioned before that we have been working on a new place to live. For the past 7 years we have been living in a small, one bedroom apartment. This can be a little cramped with three active little boys. Over the past year we have been working to remedy this. We framed up our new house July of last year and finally moved in this past Saturday! Read on to learn how we designed it for our family and to better serve the customers of our farm.

How our Farm Animals Tolerate Heat

The last several days have been exceptionally warm here in southern Wisconsin. Not just warm but humid. This has the potential to add a little stress to the animals on the farm. How do our animals tolerate heat stress? How do we deal with it as farmers? In this article, I'll explain.

Brew Grain - a health food for pigs?

We drink a delicious, locally brewed beer. The pigs get the byproducts. Nothing goes to waste. And it serves as a health food for the pigs. In this article, discover how brew grain benefits the pigs as a supplement to their diet. And how we partner with a local business to make sure nothing goes to waste.

The Farm's Nobel Guardian Dog, Shadow

It's been a while since I have highlighted our beautiful and noble farm dog, Shadow. In this article, I'll give just a little praise for her and her interesting heritage, as well as explain why she is important to our farm.

The Compass Plant: A Prairie Icon Facing Threats and Finding Salvation in Regenerative Agriculture

The Great Plains of North America have long been adorned with a diverse array of native prairie plants. Each playing a crucial role in the delicate ecosystem that sustains countless species of wildlife. Among these prairie gems stands one of our favorites, the compass plant (Silphium laciniatum). I wrote briefly about this plant last year, but this iconic species is worthy of more detail. In this blog post, I will explore the rich history and importance of the compass plant in native prairies, the threats it faces due to modern agricultural practices like tilling, and how regenerative agriculture can be the salvation of this plant and its neighbors.

In a Drought, the Farm's Soil Comes First

We are feeding hay. Midsummer. This is not unusual on many farms. It is unusual for us. This marks the first time we have needed to feed hay to our cows outside of Winter. And even though there is some grass on the paddock, we are not grazing it. In this article, I'll explain the reasons why.