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Grass fed and finished

This product was raised and finished on a 100% grass diet with no grains, grain protein supplementation or GMOs. This meat comes from an animal that is an herbivore which means that they thrive and are healthy on grass. Free-choice minerals are given for the health of the soil, animals, and you. This leads to a nutrient dense product that tastes unlike anything you can buy at the supermarket.

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This describes how our non-ruminant animals such as the pigs are raised. They are not able to fully utilize 100% grass like cows and sheep and so they are supplemented with non-gmo grain as well as access to pasture. This product was raised on green managed pastures during the growing season and during the winter is raised with access to open pasture, hay and shelter.

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We believe the closer we can get to nature the better. We use non-GMO grain rations to supplement our non-ruminant animals like our pork.
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Antibiotic and Chemical free

This product was raised without the use of antibiotics, sub therapeutic or therapeutic and without the use of any synthetic chemicals or growth hormones. This is one of the crucial steps we do in ensuring the integrity and nutrition of the product as well as the health of the soil.
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Naturally smoked and cured

This product was smoked with natural smoke and is cured without added nitrates, nitrites, or preservatives. Celery powder is used as a natural curing alternative.
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Natural recipe

No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial flavorings are used in this product.
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Wild Harvested

This seafood is wild harvested with sustainable fishing practices from the cleanest ocean waters. No additives for flavor, color or preservatives.
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