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Beef Hot Dogs

Beef Hot Dogs

4 per pkg

Heartier. Healthier. And our kids love them!

Made from 100% grass-fed beef, these hot dogs not only taste great, but they are free from the chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics commonly found in meats raised using conventional farming practices.

Because they are made from grass-fed beef, the hot dogs contain more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than hot dogs made from animals raised on grain. The meat also has higher amounts of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and lesser amounts of unhealthy Omega 6 fatty acids.

And, perhaps most importantly, they taste better too. Packed with delicious flavor, these dogs aren't made with the fillers and lower quality cuts many mass producers use.

Grill them. Broil them. Boil them. Deck them out to make Chicago Dogs. Slather them in chili for an incredible chili dog. Go traditional with ketchup, mustard, onions and a bit of relish. Or simply eat them plain (they're that good).