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Half Chicken

Half Chicken

avg 1.6 lb
$10.95 /lb.
Avg. 1.6 lb.

Perfect for when you don't need a whole chicken

When you don't need a whole pasture-raised chicken, let a half chicken hit the spot.

Feeding yourself or one other person? Have one person who loves white meat and another who loves dark meat? Or want an easy meal for one that provides some leftovers for lunch? This half chicken is the perfect choice for you.

While you can separate and cook the parts individually, the half chicken is delightful when roasted in the oven. And, unlike the premade rotisserie chickens you find at the grocery store, this one packs a lot more flavor and nutrients.

Raised on a local Wisconsin farm, these chickens were provided ample access to fresh air, sunlight and a life grazing on the insects, worms, grass and seed of the pasture. And you can taste the difference.

No antibiotics. No hormones, And no drugs. A pasture diet only supplemented with non-GMO grain.