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Beef Cube Steak

Beef Cube Steak

$12.49 /lb.
Avg. 1.76 lb.

A versatile cut of grass-fed beef that's best for slow cooking

Mechanically pre-tenderized, grass-fed beef cube steak is delicious in stews and a great choice for family meals. After hours of simmering in a soup, stew or slow-cooked meal, it becomes extra tender. And picks up the flavor of the other ingredients.

Because it's a thin cut after being tenderized, it can also be sliced thin and used in a stir fry as a filling for tacos, or to make a steak sandwich. It's also delicious when breaded and pan-fried to make chicken-fried steak.

Grass-fed and finished, the beef was raised on the open pastures of our family farm using regenerative farming practices. No chemicals or antibiotics. Order some today for pickup or expedited delivery to your home.