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Beef Ox-tail

Beef Ox-tail

$7.95 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

A beef cut perfect for making the ideal comfort food

Beef Ox-tail is a masterpiece of flavor and nutrition that makes it an ideal comfort food

While it may not be a cut of beef you see on mainstream menus or grocery stores, ox-tail is a cut of beef that was commonly cooked in American homes up until the 1950s. And it's been treasured in ethnic stews and soul food recipes for generations. 

Simply the tail of cattle from our farm, ox-tail is a rich source of fat, natural collagen, bone marrow and protein. From promoting joint health to boosting skin radiance, every savory bite delivers nutrition and flavor.

Best when slow-cooked, ox-tail has a full-bodied flavor profile that's perfect for soups. They cook particularly well in slow cookers and pressure cookers. And long and slow braising really brings forth its hearty and satisfying flavor.

Craft a soul-warming stew or soup. Create a rich, beef bone broth to serve as the backbone of countless dishes. Or be adventurous and use it to elevate a classic recipe.

Raised on open pastures. Grassfed and grass-finished. Free of chemicals, additives and unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. 

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