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Beef Tomahawk Steak

Beef Tomahawk Steak

Single rib tomahawk
$26.95 /lb.
Avg. 1.69 lb.

A favorite cut for steak lovers

This isn't just a steak — it's an awe-inspiring statement piece

Get ready to draw the admiration of everyone gathered around your table when you serve the impressive grassfed and grass-finished beef Tomahawk Steak. 

A sight to behold, the Tomahawk Steak boasts a long, impressive rib bone that's been left intact. Expertly "frenched" or cleaned of meat by master butchers, the bone resembles a "handle." And the steak with the bone resembles a tomahawk axe — hence the name.

For an unforgettable dining experience, start by giving this steak a generous sprinkle of your favorite seasoning blend (salt, pepper and a little garlic work great). Fire up your grill to high heat and sear the steak to perfection on both sides, creating a beautiful, caramelized crust. Then, allow the steak to continue cooking over lower heat, while the meat tenderizes and the flavors meld. 

When you choose this steak, you're not simply purchasing a cut of meat, you're investing in a meal that's also a celebration of nature's bounty and craftsmanship. Our animals graze freely on open pastures, soaking in the sun and natural nutrients. This life produces meat that's rich in flavor and a true testament to what we can create when there's harmony between farming and the land we call home.

Bring some culinary artistry to your table. Order our grassfed and grass-finished Beef Tomahawk steak for delivery from our farm to your home today.