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Pork loin roast

Pork loin roast


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Slow cooked and sliced on a platter, boneless loin pork roast makes an ideal centerpiece for a family meal.

As delicious as it is ethical, our pork is raised on open pastures where they are free to roam and graze on grasses and other natural vegetation. We believe in raising our animals in a way that is kind to the environment and supports animal welfare. Because of these practices and the fact pasture-raised pork is more nutritious than pork raised using conventional methods, you can feel good about every tasty bite.

What really sets our pork apart though is the flavor. Thanks to the natural diet and lifestyle of our pigs, this boneless loin pork roast boasts a rich, complex flavor that is both savory and satisfying. And the boneless cut makes it easy to prepare and cook to perfection every time.

The perfect choice if you're cooking for a crowd or simply looking for a delicious meal. It can also be cured and smoked for homemade Canadian bacon. 

Raised without the use of antibiotics, sub therapeutic or therapeutic, and without the use of any synthetic chemicals or growth hormones. As a non-ruminant animal, our pigs' diet requires more than pasture grasses and forage. To keep things as close to nature as possible, non-GMO grain rations are provided as a supplement.