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Ground Lamb

Ground Lamb

1 lb

Our most popular premium grass-fed lamb product

One of the farm's most popular items

No matter what dish you create with it, ground lamb never disappoints. A staple in many cuisines, you'll find it in many Greek, Middle Eastern and Indian recipes. Use it to make kebabs, gyros, or meatballs. Rich with flavor, it also elevates many traditional American and English dishes such as burgers and shepherd's pie.

But don't just buy lamb for its taste. Ground lamb is also lean and healthy. Lamb has about four times more iron than chicken and twice the iron found in pork. It contains lots of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. Plus, it's a good source of zinc, selenium and B vitamins.

Like all our lamb products, the ground lamb is made from lambs raised on the open pastures of our family farm. Because our ewes have access to the fresh, green grass of the pasture, their milk is more nutritious. This results in healthier, more robust lambs that have a better natural immunity to parasites and other environmental pathogens. And the meat is free of the antibiotics or chemicals you may find in meat sold at the supermarket.

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1 lb package.

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