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Why are we able to give such a savings with buying meat in bulk?

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September 14, 2023


This week we are offering another chance to cash in on buying a whole hog for a fantastic savings. I figured this is a good time to offer a little detail on how we can accomplish this. 

The initial costs of raising and processing a hog

When the pig arrives at maturity and is delivered to the processor, a certain amount of cost has been sunk into that animal. We have hours and hours of time spent tending to the pigs as they grow. From little piglets to adults. Feeding, moving and sorting.

We have the cost of the non-GMO grain with which we supplement their diet. We also have the time spent tending to the sows and the boar where the little pigs originate. The organization of all of this from farrowing dates to business admin to telling you weekly how the farm is going also adds significant time to the equation. Then finally there is the time planning and taking to the processor. 

When you buy a whole hog in bulk, what you are paying us for is the sum of this. I then add in the cost of processing that goes directly to Avon Locker. This cost varies depending on how you have your hog cut. 

The additional costs of storing and selling individual cuts

When you buy retail you get convenience at a cost. There is the initial cost of raising the hog. Then the processing cost. And when we pick up the meat from the processor, the next stage begins. 

We count and weigh inventory. We build out and maintain product listings. We store all this meat so you can buy a la carte. We research cuts and yields. We market and write emails. 

We maintain an online store for simple access to our offerings. We write recipes. We are our own customer service.

We then finally bring the product to you. Some of you through the Dane County Farmers' Market which incurs a variety of costs in stall fees, time, fuel and busy Saturdays.

Many of you opt for the ultimate convenience. The meat delivered to your door. In this case, we don't have the market costs, but they are replaced with the cost of shipping logistics from boxes to what we pay UPS to deliver for us. All of the former combined is where we get our final retail price. 

Of course, all of this is done with painstaking attention given to sustainability and caring for our earth. A process where we can always find room to improve. 

The benefit of buying in bulk

When you buy in bulk, you skip much of that second-cost segment. It isn't for everyone. But if you have 2.5 extra cubic feet of freezer space and want to save some money, it might be for you. 

Also, what does the picture have to do with this post? Not much except this pig was just rolling in something very specific.

Send me your guess at what it is. And if you are right, I will credit your account with 10 bucks. 

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