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Whole hog reservation

Whole hog reservation

Priced by hanging weight plus butcher fees
  • Approximately $825 for around 110 lbs of meat (that's only $7.50 / lb)
  • Order Deadline: Monday, June 12
  • $3 / lb hanging weight (typically 170 - 180 lbs) plus butcher fees
  • Home Delivery extra
  • See details below
$3.00/lb. Avg. 180 lb.
In stock Pre-order

Ordering a whole pasture-raised hog is the most economical way to stock a freezer with the farm-fresh goodness of pork. 

You will receive a diverse selection of pasture-raised pork cuts from succulent roasts to tender chops. Each embodying the exceptional flavor and the quality our farm is known for providing.

How pricing works:

When you order a whole hog, you will receive a discounted base price of $3 / lb hanging weight for the hog. Hanging weight is typically between 170 and 180 lbs. 

Butcher fees are then added. Those fees typically run around $270 - $320 for the pig. It varies depending on the amount of sausage and cured items (such as bacon and ham) produced. 

For a hog that weighs 175 lbs hanging, the total cost would be about $825. and should get around 110 lbs of meat back. 

Cards will be charged once your cuts are confirmed, and your final weight is calculated.

How delivery and pickup works:

During checkout, you may update your preferred delivery to either Pickup at Sparrow Hill Farm (or the Dane County Farmers Market) or Home delivery. 

Pickup is free and the option we recommend for customers who live within driving distance of the farm in Monroe, WI or the Dane County Farmers Market.

Home Delivery is $90 to help offset the cost of shipping an order of that size and weight. If you live further away from the pickup locations, this may be your preferred option.

You will need about 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space to store the cuts and take advantage of this deal. Or, go in with friends, and divide your favorite cuts among multiple freezers

How your cuts are determined:

Following your order, we will communicate further instructions by email to help you determine how you would like your hog butchered.

We will then take your custom-cut instructions by phone. While some farms have you, the customer, talk directly to the butcher, we don't. Too often, there is a miscommunication between a customer and the butcher which leads to disappointment in the final cuts received. 

Since we know the butcher's process and we speak with our customers, we want to be sure your cut order is what you actually want to receive. 

What cuts can you expect from a whole hog:

  1. Pork Chops: Cut from the loin, these pasture-raised pork chops are the epitome of premium quality and exceptional flavor. And feature delicate marbling and a rich, natural taste.
  2. Ribs: Whether you prefer the succulent baby back ribs or the meaty spare ribs, our cuts are sure to satisfy your cravings. Perfect for everything from backyard barbecues to family gatherings.
  3. Shoulder Roast: Bursting with flavor and marbled to perfection, this cut promises a succulent and tender eating experience. Slow-cook it to unlock its full potential. And create pulled pork sandwiches or an impressive centerpiece roast.
  4. Bacon: Crafted from carefully selected cuts and expertly cured, our bacon delivers a smoky, savory delight that will elevate your breakfast or add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes. 
  5. Ham: Embrace the tradition of a perfectly cooked ham with our pasture-raised hog cuts. Whether glazed, roasted, or slow-cooked, our pasture-raised ham will be the star of your holiday table or any special occasion.
  6. Sausages: Made from the finest cuts and thoughtfully blended with herbs and spices, our sausages offer a range of mouthwatering flavors. From classic breakfast links to juicy bratwurst, each bite is a testament to the craftsmanship and care we put into raising these hogs.
  7. Ground Pork: With its rich flavor and ideal fat content, our ground pork is perfect for creating a variety of dishes from juicy meatballs to flavorful Bolognese sauce. If it's not already, ground pork will quickly become a staple ingredient in your kitchen.

The best part? You can change this up. The most common edit to these options is turning the ham into sausage. Doing so gives you an extra 20 lbs of sausage, which is often cooked and used more often than a ham.

When you choose to order a Whole Pasture-Raised Hog, you're doing more than getting a great deal on approximately 110 lbs of meat. You also support sustainable and responsible farming practices. 

Sparrow Hill Farm hogs roam freely on lush pastures, enjoying a natural diet and a stress-free environment. We prioritize their well-being and ensure that each hog lives a healthy and happy life, resulting in meat that is unmatched in taste, tenderness, and ethical standards.