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The Breakfast Meats Sampler Box

The Breakfast Meats Sampler Box

over 8 lbs of farm meats

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Save $18.85

Sample a variety of farm meats perfect for breakfast ... all of which happen to also be customer favorites.

In this Breakfast Meats Sampler Box, you'll enjoy a bit of all the meats most popular for cooking up hearty and nutritious breakfast meals, including:

This is a great way taste the difference of cooking with pasture-raised meats, support a local, family farm, and save some money. With these items in your freezer, it's easy to whip up a ham or sausage quiche for a weekend brunch. Or cook up some packages with a side of bacon or links. Even make patties with the ground sausage for some out-of-this-world breakfast sandwiches.

All our pastured pork products are made from animals raised on the open pastures of our family farm. Their diets are supplemented only with non-GMO grains. And they are chemical and antibiotic free. Plus, the recipes for our sausage, links and bacon are all natural with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. And the bacon and ham are naturally smoked and cured without added nitrates, nitrites or preservatives.

When you serve these meats to your family, you can be confident you're serving nutrient-dense meats, packed with flavor, that have been raised in an ethical and humane manner. Better than the meats you'll find at supermarkets and most grocery stores.