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Beef Chuck Roast, Bone-In

Beef Chuck Roast, Bone-In

$11.49 /lb.
Avg. 3.5 lb.

All the goodness of a traditional chuck roast with the added benefits of a bone

Why consider cooking a grass-fed and finished, bone-in chuck roast instead of the more traditional boneless chuck roast? The bone helps keep the meat tender and moist. Plus, the bone provides a stronger flavor and produced richer juices when the meat is cooked.

Another benefit of preparing a bone-in chuck roast is the added presentation value when bringing your gorgeous, braised pot roast to the table. To make sure the meat is tender, be sure to slow cook the roast by braising it. This lets the connective tissues and collagen properly break down and melt into the meat for a meal perfect for cold, winter days.

100% grass fed and finished. And raised ethically while foraging on the open pastures of our family farm. Antibiotic and chemical free.

Prefer boneless? Consider our traditional Beef Chuck Roast.